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Seguro de viaje barato, bueno y económico
Travel insurance

Cheapest Travel Insurance: which one is best in 2024?

Today, we’re looking at the cheapest travel insurance options in July 2024. We’ll cover a number of different companies, and which policies are best suited to different types of traveller, so you can get a great deal!

IATI insurance promo code

IATI Insurance Promo Code: Get 5% off in 2024

Today, I’ll be covering the IATI Insurance Promo Code that can be used on a number of IATI’s exciting policies. You can get great discounts on IATI’s Standard, Star, and Backpacker policies in July 2024.

world nomads insurance review
Travel insurance

World Nomads insurance reviews – How does it work?

World Nomads Insurance is designed to meet the needs of digital nomads. Today, we’ll go over some online World Nomads insurance reviews, and take a deep dive into the guarantees of World Nomads Insurance.

Outbacker Insurance Review
Travel insurance

Outbacker Insurance Review: Policies and Benefits in 2024

Today’s post is an Outbacker Insurance review, one of the UK’s top travel insurance providers. We’ll look into the main guarantees of their policies, the types of travellers that can benefit from them, and we’ll summarise the company’s online reviews.

safetywing vs worldnomads
Travel insurance

SafetyWing or WorldNomads – Which is better?

Being a digital nomad requires you to take precautions, and taking out travel insurance is the most important of these. That’s why I created a comparative review of two of the most searched insurance companies: SafetyWing and WorldNomads.

travel insurance to dubai

Best Travel Insurance to Dubai: Complete Guide in 2024

The growth of the United Arab Emirates in recent years, and of course Dubai, has been absolutely astonishing. These days, Dubai really has something for everyone, even skiing! In today’s post, we’re covering the deals on best travel insurance to Dubai.

Cancellation insurance
Travel insurance

Best Cancellation Insurance: Top 5 policies in 2024

Best Cancellation insurance covers the costs of trips that are cancelled due to unforeseen events, making them an essential investment for any traveller. Read on as we discuss the 5 best policies available now!

travel insurance to argentina
Travel insurance

Best Travel Insurance to Argentina: Policies and Prices in 2024

Argentina is a stunning country, with plenty to offer all types of travellers. That’s why I’ve created this guide to find the Best Travel Insurance to Argentina, to ensure you get the best policy for your trip. We also cover the best discounts available now, so tune in!

Cruise travel insurance
Travel insurance

Protect Your 2024 Cruise: Top Travel Insurance Advice

If you’re headed on a cruise soon, having adequate essential cruise travel insurance is absolutely essential. Today we’ll be covering the top 5 policies, their most important benefits, and further important information about cruise travel.

travel insurance canada
Travel insurance

Travel Insurance for Canada 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

Today’s post is a complete guide to travel insurance to Canada in July 2024. We’ll cover everything you need to know to help you find the policy that is best suited to the trip you’re taking, from coverage, prices, and special discounts.

Best travel insurance to Thailand
Travel insurance

Safeguard Your Thailand Trip: Best Travel Insurance Tips for 2024

Here’s a complete guide to taking out travel insurance to Thailand. By comparing the policies available, we’ll help you get the best coverage. We’ll also cover the most useful benefits for travelling to Thailand, and the top discounts currently available!

Just Travel Cover review
Travel insurance

Just Travel Cover review: travel insurance review 2024

Many travel insurance providers inflate their prices for over 75s and people with medical conditions. Not Just Travel Cover. In this Just Travel Cover review, we’ll cover how the platform works, and who can benefit most from its services.

Travel insurance to Costa Rica
Travel insurance

Best Travel Insurance to Costa Rica: Complete Guide in 2024

Costa Rica is a paradise destination for holiday-makers and digital nomads alike. Today, I’ll explain everything you need to know about best travel insurance to Costa Rica, from the coverage you need, to the best discounts on offer right now.

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Category: Travel insurance

Travel insurance, travel insurance or travel insurance aims to cover medical and hospital expenses, accidents, emergency transfer, trip cancellation, lost luggage among dozens of other occurrences during a trip, whether domestic or international.

Travel health insurance is purchased like other insurances, where you receive a document called policy that contains the contract with the purchase number and all detailed coverage in which the insurer is responsible for advising or covering. It should also contain the numbers in case of emergency, and all the necessary process so that you can be attended and get in touch with the insurance company. Also in the policy it is possible to see the time of coverage, the cities, or countries.

The maximum amounts of coverage for each case are established before the purchase, in the form of packages. Each plan has its different packages and coverage amounts. For countries where the medical costs are very high, such as the United States and Canada, it is always a good idea to purchase higher coverage.

International travel insurance

International travel insurance is used for coverage outside your country of residence. It is much more than a precaution, it is a mandatory item required by immigration in different countries. To enter Europe, for example, it is mandatory to have travel health insurance with minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros.

How to take out travel insurance

It is necessary to have in mind the period of the trip and the destinations you intend to visit. If you contract round-the-world insurance or insurance for digital nomads, it is not so necessary to know exactly which countries you will visit. Furthermore, it is important to know if your trip will have extreme sports or some special specifications. Normal policies do not cover accidents in extreme sports.

Subsequently, it is essential to look for the best travel insurance for your needs. The best way is to get a quote – I’ll talk more about this later – to find out the prices and advantages of each insurance company, a kind of comparison.

Travel insurance quote

To make a quote, it is indispensable to look for a reliable tool. Before, it was necessary to go to every website or contact a travel agency. Today everything has changed, there are different sites where you put your travel information, and they already present a comparison of plans and insurers;

The one I use and trust the most is Chapka insurance because besides the comparative service at no cost, it always presents the best price and personalized service.

Is it worth hiring insurance?

For sure. From my experience, I have had to use travel insurance in Vietnam where the expenses exceeded 20 thousand reais. Imagine if I didn’t have insurance? I would have had to pay everything out of my pocket, and the worst: without any support. With insurance, I already found it desperate, if I didn’t have it I don’t even know what I would have done. That is why I sometimes say that it saved my life and I will never travel without it again.

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