Best Worldwide Travel Insurance 2024: Key Insights & Discount

Heading off on a round-the-world adventure? This post is a complete guide on how the best worldwide travel Insurance works and how it cost.
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To save you time, I’ll explain the best insurances quickly:

Chapka Cap Adventure: for globetrotters travelling alone
– 15% OFF for families (valid until 19/07/2024)

Heymondo Long Stay: for travel with the whole family
– 5% OFF for all (valid until 19/07/2024)

IATI Backpackers : for backpackers
– 5% OFF for all

A round-the-world trip is one of the most transformative and enriching things one can do in life. Whether you’re getting lost in translation, or literally getting lost, you’ll be building memories for a lifetime.

Travelling the world and embracing cultures also gifts you with a fresh perspective on life when you return home, making it an invaluable experience.

Round-the-world trips bring with them a certain level of risk, which is why it’s vital to take out insurance. Today, I’ll be sharing everything you need to know to get the right worldwide travel insurance for your trip, and at the best price!

To save you some time, I’ve outlined the 5 best worldwide travel insurance policies in July 2024:

  • Chapka Cap Adventure: the best for adventurers
  • Hey Mondo Long Stay: the best for families
  • IATI Star: the best for sabbaticals
  • World Nomads Explorer Plan: the best for digital nomads
  • SafetyWing Nomad Insurance: the best for backpackers

Comparison of Worldwide travel insurance

The policies I will mention have been chosen based on their level of coverage, bringing together all the features that a worldwide travel insurance policy should have.

To ensure that you get the most appropriate travel insurance policy for your trip, make sure you compare benefits and coverage from different insurance providers. To make this easier, I’ve created a comparative table.

Carefully consider the potential risks that may arise during your trip, so you don’t get caught out with insufficient coverage!

Now that you have a better idea of what the various policies have to offer, I’d like to give a more detailed summary of each of them, covering their advantages and disadvantages.

I’ve comprised a list of the best travel insurance options for each traveller profile to help you find the right policy for your trip.

This is significant as the price, and amount of coverage will vary depending on whether you’re travelling solo, with a partner, as a family, or as a backpacker.

So, let’s get into it!

Chapka: the best worldwide travel insurance for adventurers

Chapka’s Cap Adventure plan has been praised by adventurous travellers as one of the best alternatives for round-the-world travel.

This is not only due to its affordable rates, but also due to its extensive coverage, that will keep you covered on your intrepid journeys. Some of these benefits include:

  • Adventure sports coverage, including all costs derived from any accidents that may occur.
  • Comprehensive medical coverage, including COVID-19 coverage, hospitalisation costs, and a 24/7 medical teleconsultation line.
  • 24/7 Repatriation assistance and search and rescue expenses.
  • Luggage insurance.
  • Medical expenses in your home country for trips up to 30 days.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chapka, we have a Chapka review article, and even an article on how to get reduced prices using the Chapka promo code.

Until 31 July 2024, get Chapka Cap Adventure from 55€ per month:
Click here: Activate Discount Coupon

  • Fill in your travel information (dates, country of residence and destination) and click on Calculate Price.
  • That’s it! The discount is automatically applied.
  • Continue filling in the form (policyholder details) to sign up.

Do you travel a lot on business, or simply love to take long trips with family and friends? Then Cap Adventure is the best option. That’s because it offers unlimited medical cover and teleconsultation, as well as high-risk sports benefits.

Hey Mondo: the best worldwide family travel insurance

A round-the-world family trip is no easy task, that’s why it’s important to have coverage related to children, for example. With Hey Mondo, you’re covered.

An added bonus is that Hey Mondo offers great discounts for Planet Nomad readers!

Hey Mondo Long Stay is a great choice for families because of its flexibility, as it allows you to contract while abroad, and renew your policy at your own pace, which is perfect for travelling with the kids!

Here are some more of its most useful benefits:

  • 24/7 assistance, 365 days of the year
  • Assistance app with medical chat
  • Broad coverage for medical and dental emergencies
  • Medical transportation and repatriation

You have until 19/07/2024 to get a 15% discount on Heymondo Long Stay!
Click here: Activate Discount Coupon

  1. Fill in your travel information,
  2. Select “Calculate price”.
  3. That’s it! Your discount will be applied automatically.

Hey Mondo Long Stay is a very intriguing policy for worldwide travel with the family, as it offers renewal at any time, travel for a family member or companion in case of an accident, and theft and damage to luggage.

Again, these benefits are particularly important when travelling with the little ones!

If you’re planning a family trip soon, check out this article:

Link: Family Travel Insurance: Policies and Discounts

IATI: the best worldwide insurance for sabbaticals

IATI Star is that company’s most comprehensive policy, with broad coverage that is among the best out of all its competitors.

What makes this policy stand out for those heading off on a dream year abroad, is that it was designed for travel to destinations with high medical costs, such as North America, Japan, Australia, and South-East Asia.

With all the complete benefits that IATI offers, you’ll be able to disconnect and leave your worries behind as you take on your big adventure. In particular, I would highlight the following coverages for globetrotters:

  • Extensive medical and dental coverage
  • Chronic pre-existing conditions cover
  • Delivery of medication abroad
  • Repatriation and early return
  • Theft and damage to luggage
  • Adventure sports included
  • Private civil liability and other legal expenses

You can get 5% off your IATI Star policy in July 2024. Don’t miss out!

  1. Activate Discount Code
  2. Fill in your travel information (country of residence, dates, personal information) and select “Get a Quote.”
  3. Your discount will then be applied automatically.

IATI Star is the perfect insurance plan if you want a high level of coverage at a good price, as it has broad medical coverage, and includes a number of thrilling adventure activities.

Click here to learn more about the IATI promo codes that you can take advantage of in July 2024!

world nomads logo

World Nomads: the best worldwide insurance for digital nomads

World Nomads is the ideal option for worldwide insurance, especially if you’re a digital nomad. Specifically, its Explorer Plan, which has a series of coverages ideal for adapting to the needs of these remote workers.

I’ve summarised their most useful benefits for digital nomads below:

  • World Nomads stands out for having an emergency assistance team available every day of the year.
  • It has some of the highest medical expenses cover on the market.
  • It covers tech equipment – ideal for digital nomads!
  • It offers flexible options, and can be cancelled and renewed whenever you need it.
  • Includes evacuation or repatriation of the traveller.
  • Another stand out feature is its broad cancellation coverage.
safetywing logo

SafetyWing: the best worldwide travel insurance for backpackers

SafetyWing was certainly not going to be left behind among the companies offering great round-the-world travel insurance.

SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance plan was specifically designed to meet the needs of backpackers, thanks to its flexible policy terms and coverage – read on to find out more!

  • It offers great medical expenses cover, including hospitalisation, intensive care, ambulance transfer, and dental or physiotherapy expenses.
  • It covers visits to your country of origin for up to 30 days.
  • It offers continuous coverage, which allows you to travel to different countries with a single policy.
  • It has reimbursement for trip interruption.
  • Offers political, natural disaster or emergency medical evacuations.
  • It allows you to purchase your insurance while abroad.
Seguro de Viaje para Nómada Digital

How does worldwide travel insurance work?

Although the idea of a worldwide travel insurance policy may seem daunting and complex, this is not the case at all! In fact, the way this type of travel insurance policy works is very similar to any other type of insurance.

Worldwide travel insurance policies typically cover you from 3 months to a year, with the opportunity to renew your policy on the road.

This is perfect for the adventurous travellers who prefer to let the thrill of the adventure guide them!

Travelling without an exact itinerary can be truly exhilarating, but remember that travel insurance is the safety net that allows you to live your adventure to the fullest.

In this section, I will explain how it all works. I’ll take you through the most important elements, from purchasing the insurance, to the coverage itself. Take note!

When to buy worldwide travel insurance?

Insurance companies typically focus on flexibility when it comes to worldwide travel insurance, as these trips are generally more unpredictable. This means that it’s less significant when you buy your worldwide travel insurance.

Flexibility is important because you might just decide to extend your trip and continue your adventure! Haven’t we all been on a trip and not wanted it to end?

With this in mind, insurance companies allow you to buy or renew your overseas insurance for as long as you like, before your cover runs out. Beware that once you’ve renewed your policy, there will typically be a 72-hour waiting period.

It’s worth mentioning that most companies offering worldwide travel insurance give you the possibility to add extra coverage, such as trip cancellation cover, or adventure sports, for the daring traveller. Think carefully about whether you’ll need these!

What should worldwide travel insurance cover?

If you’re setting off on a round-the-world trip, your insurance should effectively cover all aspects of your journey.

In this section, I’ll go through the benefits that will be most relevant to you, so you can find the most suitable policy for your trip. Also, note that all the insurance policies I have mentioned above include the following features:

  • Repatriation and 24-hour assistance. In the event of serious illness or accident, repatriation allows you to return to your country if necessary. It is also a necessary benefit for countries where natural disasters are common. On the UK Government website, you can consult the specific travel recommendations for each country. Remember, travelling to countries with official travel warnings may impact your coverage.
  • Extensive medical and hospitalisation cover. Travelling around the world involves visiting a multitude of countries, and each one has a different health system. In most cases, for tourists, health care is brutally expensive, and thus, comprehensive medical coverage will save you a lot. The European Union has created the Re-Open EU website, which provides fully up-to-date information on this subject.
  • Dental, physiotherapy, psychological, or chiropractic expenses. During long journeys in particular, one is likely, at some point, to suffer from dental or physiotherapy problems, among others. Having acute pain can be a scary experience while overseas, hence the importance of including this expense in the policy.
  • Early return of the insured person(s). Being away from home for such a long time, circumstances may arise that require you to return early, such as the death or hospitalisation of a family member. This cover is essential for any long-term insurance, as you want to know you’ll be able to see your loved ones.
  • Accident benefit. This provides compensation for permanent disability or death, in the event of an accident at your destination or during your trip. I know it’s terrifying to even think about, but if the worst happens, you want to be prepared.
  • Compensation in case of theft or damage to luggage. It’s also very important to highlight the coverage of electronic equipment, especially for digital nomads. Digital nomads travel the world as remote workers, so their electronic equipment is essential to their livelihoods.
  • Legal advice abroad. In the event that you need it, insurance companies will provide a lawyer by telephone to advise you.
  • Public liability. Includes expenses in the event of damage to property or injury to third parties. It’s important to remember that you can’t foresee the types of situations you’ll find yourself in.
  • Search and rescue costs. This type of cover is particularly important for the more adventurous travellers. Remember, rescue costs are extremely high in all corners of the world.
  • Extension and renewal of insurance. As mentioned in the previous sections, travelling around the world is unpredictable, and you may want to extend your trip, especially if you’re an avid traveller. Therefore, it’s essential to have an insurance policy that offers immediate renewal. Please beware, however, that there will typically be a 72-hour waiting period upon renewal.

Remember that this is just an overview, so make sure you read the terms and conditions of your policy carefully so that you’re prepared if you run into any issues on your trip.

How much does worldwide travel insurance cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to purchasing travel insurance is the price.

There are plenty of different factors that will affect the price of your travel insurance: the number of people contracting, discounts and promotional offers, the amount of medical expenses covered, and whether you’re covered for adventure sports.

Here are a few average prices to give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on insurance:

  • From 40 to 125€ per month for long-term travel.
  • From 30 to 85€ per month for digital nomads or businesses.
  • From 40 to 160€ per month for working holidays.
  • From 30 to 80€ per month for students.

Before contracting insurance for your trip, think about the following: which activities you’ll be taking part in, medical expenses in the regions you plan to visit, and whether you’ll be visiting high-risk areas.

How do I buy travel insurance for a round-the-world trip?

Buying worldwide travel insurance is essentially the same as buying any other type of policy, but there are some things you need to consider. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  1. Go to the website of the insurer of your choice and click on the insurance option that corresponds with a round-the-world trip. Different companies use different names for this type of trip.
  2. Once you have selected the insurance, you will see a “Contract” button, or something similar. Click to start the contracting process.
  3. Once there, you will need to fill in your trip details. For the duration of the trip, you should bear in mind that the minimum is 3 months, and the maximum is 12 months. There is always the possibility of renewal if the trip lasts longer! Most companies offer a “Worldwide” option for travellers who don’t know which countries will be part of their adventure.
  4. Fill in the details of each traveller and add a supplement if necessary. This is usually the cancellation or adventure sports option.
  5. Read the insurance conditions carefully, and that’s it! You now have your travel insurance, and you’re ready to embrace the adventure of your round-the-world trip.

How to save money on your round-the-world trip

Any round-the-world trip is going to be an expensive endeavour. However, there are some useful tips and tricks that you can use to reduce the cost of your trip.

During my travels, I’ve compiled the following travel-hacks that I’d like to share with you. They take a little effort, but trust me, they go a long way!

Choosing insurance that is tailored to your needs is vital, but remember that flights, accommodation, the card you use, and how you book your activities are crucial factors in saving money as well.

If you follow these tips, you might just find that by the end of your trip, you have enough money left over to explore an extra destination on your route home. Imagine that!

Fly at reduced prices!

You know, flights don’t cost the same from all countries! To pay for my cheapest flights, I use NordVPN.

Basically, it’s a private network that allows you to access Internet sites from locations other than your own, and this can have some serious benefits:

In July 2024, enjoy a 59% discount on NordVPN.
Click here: Activate Discount

Flights from Barcelona to Buenos Aires don’t cost the same if you buy them from Spain as from India, for example. So, once you’ve installed NordVPN, simply access websites like Skyscanner and compare prices by entering as if you were browsing from different countries.

The 8 countries from which it is cheapest to buy flights are: Malaysia, Bulgaria, India, Turkey, Romania, Indonesia, Portugal, and Thailand. Once you have NordVPN, head over to Skyscanner and start paying reduced prices for flights all over the world!

Stay at a discount all year round

Access now and get discounts of up to 15% in July 2024 by becoming a Genius user.

There are also ways to save money when booking your accommodation with Booking. The first of which is becoming a Genius user, something you get from making 2 bookings (Genius level 1), and 5 bookings (Genius level 2).

As a Genius user in, you can enjoy:

  • Discounts on room rates.
  • Free breakfast.
  • Upgrades to superior room categories.
  • Free parking.
  • Late check-out.
  • Welcome gifts.

In addition, there are hotels in that directly offer you a 10 to 15% discount on your rate for being a Genius user.

Access to get discounts of up to 15% by becoming a Genius user.

Finally, has a Minimum Price Guarantee program, so if you find a cheaper price for your hotel on any other website, they’ll match it!

Get the best travel card

If you travel frequently, the Revolut Metal Card is another great way to save money. For starters, they offer you unlimited currency exchanges without paying any fees!

This Card allows you to make unlimited domestic transfers free of charge, and withdraw up to £800 a month from international ATMs.

If you spent £650 abroad in a month using a standard card, and withdrew £350 at ATMs, you would have paid around £44 in fees.

With the Revolut Metal card, you would have paid £0 in fees.

Reserve your entertainment and sightseeing in advance

GetYourGuide is an indispensable tool for organising any trip to any destination. It’s a platform that helps you book tourism and leisure activities for your trip.

With GetYourGuide, you can book your activities online to avoid queues, and take advantage of a discount for online bookings. This way, you save time and money, so you can enjoy more activities during your trip!

Worldwide travel insurance reviews

On the Internet, you can find thousands of opinions on travel insurance for round the world trips and these are, without a doubt, the best guide to figuring out whether to take out this type of travel insurance.

For this reason, I would like to dedicate this section to covering the most common opinions that real life users have about worldwide travel insurance.

✅ Some positive opinions about worldwide travel insurance are:

  • The medical coverage is extensive and valid in all countries.
  • Customer service is generally fast and efficient.
  • There are flexible payment options.
  • They are policies that can be taken out from abroad, once your trip has begun.
  • It includes a refund in case of an interruption of the trip.

❌ Some negative opinions of worldwide travel insurance include:

  • Trip cancellation is typically an extra supplement to the base price of the policy.
  • Sometimes the traveller has to pay money in advance before the insurer will reimburse you.
  • Some insurance companies impose age limits for this type of insurance.

Is travel insurance worth it?

My answer: a definitive yes. Travelling around the world means spending a lot of time away from your home country, visiting different cities, and travelling by a variety of means of transport, and thus, the chances of a costly, unforeseen event increases.

These policies are flexible, and are designed to include conditions for long-term trips, making them the perfect ally on your adventures around the world.

If you’re still unsure about what insurance you need for your trip, you can check out this article:

Travel Insurance Comparison: Get The Best Insurance in 2023

Taking out comprehensive travel insurance is the perfect solution to avoid a financial nightmare, in the event of an incident occurring on your trip, so remember, you’re better safe than sorry!

All that remains now is for me to wish you a wonderful trip around the world! 😁

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