Conquering geographical freedom

Who doesn’t dream of casting off to lead a life of travel and encounters around the world? This dream is not only reserved for the most daring…

With remote work, anyone can now live wherever they want and become a digital nomad. The only condition to redefine the boundaries of happiness is to have a computer with Wi-Fi and a little willpower!

Redefining the boundaries of happiness

While most people's daily lives are limited to endless subway rides and meetings, the digital nomad can live wherever he or she wants.

Geographical freedom offers only the embarrassment of choice! 

To become a digital nomad is to redefine the boundaries of happiness.

Special offers for digital nomads in September 2022

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Nomadic guides

These practical guides will help you explore the digital world and improve your daily mobile life:

Join the nomad community

Sometimes the fear of taking the plunge is only due to the fact that you feel alone.
However, thousands of people have already embarked on the path of digital nomadism!

Planet Nomad, the digital nomad compass

Planet Nomad is the story of the meeting of two digital nomads, Michaël Louis and Renato França, who are passionate about adventure, travel and digital technology.Since the launch of Planet Nomad, thousands of people have chosen the path of digital nomadism and geographical freedom.
Michaël & Renato
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