Travelex Insurance Review: Guide to Benefits and Policies in 2024

Today, I’ll be taking you through everything you need to know about the online Travelex Insurance reviews.

Take a look to see which Travelex policy suits you best:

Travelex Basic: Short-term international vacations

Travelex America: Domestic trips (U.S.) of up to 14 days

Travelex Select: Long-term international family, business, or adventure travel

Travelex Review

Travel comes with a wide range of uncertainties and risks, and buying travel insurance is no different. In fact, finding the right policy for the trip you’re taking can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task.

If you’re thinking of contracting Travelex Insurance for your next trip, but don’t know if it’s a suitable fit for you and your fellow travel companions, you’ve come to the right place.

In this Travelex Insurance Services review, we’ll cover user reviews, policies, general information, and how to contract Travelex, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

Not only that, but we’ll also be sharing our money-saving travel hacks with you!

To get an idea of real users’ Travelex Travel Insurance reviews, I’ve summarised them here:

  • Travelex Insurance has an average rating of 4.1/5 on TrustPilot.
  • Travelex Insurance has an average rating of 4.58/5 on
Travelex Logo

My personal Travelex Travel Insurance review

The importance of taking out travel insurance can never be understated, and I have been forced to make a claim on my insurance on a number of different occasions, and thank God I did!

Whether it be for a cross-country road-trip to make it home for thanksgiving, or the overseas adventure of your dreams, travel insurance provides you with peace of mind.

On the one hand, I don’t like that Travelex falls into the category of traditional insurers that don’t provide comprehensive plans for the elderly, or for those with pre-existing medical conditions. However, for the rest, there are a lot of great benefits to enjoy.

If you do suffer from pre-existing medical conditions, or don’t meet some of the age restrictions, I would recommend taking a look at World Nomads.

I think one of the most important things to look for in an insurer is how flexible their policies are. That is, how many customisable benefits and supplementary add-ons they offer. This means you can be sure you’re getting the right level of coverage.

You’ll also get ample cancellation and interruption cover as well, and I think this is what sets Travelex apart from other insurers. If you and your travel companions value flexibility in your insurance, Travelex is a strong choice for you.

Take a look to see which Travelex policy suits you best:

Travelex Basic: Short-term international vacations

Travelex America: Domestic trips (U.S.) of up to 14 days

Travelex Select: Long-term international family, business, or adventure travel

Travelex Insurance reviews

In this section, the hard part is done for you, as I’ve compiled a wide range of both positive and negative Travelex Travel Insurance reviews.

Travelex Trustpilot

Travelex Travel Insurance reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot is a world-leading online review platform, and a great start if you’re curious to see whether Travelex is a reputable insurance provider.

To help you out a little, I’ve summarised these online Travelex Travel Insurance reviews below:

✅ Positive Travelex Insurance reviews on TrustPilot

  • Good customer service
  • Ease of purchasing
  • Quick response times
  • Straightforward and efficient claims process
Travelex Trustpilot

❌ Negative Travelex Insurance reviews on TrustPilot

  • High premiums for seniors
  • Slow response times for claims
Travelex Trustpilot

Travelex Travel Insurance reviews on

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there aren’t quite enough TrustPilot reviews to really make an informed decision.

Luckily, on the insurance review site, there are over 4,400 online Travelex Insurance reviews. Again, I have summarised them below:

✅ Positive Travelex Insurance reviews on

  • Good value-for-money
  • Easy to contract online
  • Useful and practical coverage
  • Straightforward claims process
  • Good variety of insurance plans
travelex insuremytrip review 1

❌ Negative Travelex Insurance reviews on

  • Long hold times on the emergency phone line
  • Expensive
  • Slow claims process
Travelex insuremytrip review 2

Which is the best Travelex policy for me?

Now that we’ve covered some Travelex Insurance reviews, it’s time to take a look at their policies!

Whether you’re headed on a vacation abroad with your family, or a domestic trip within America, it’s important to consider all the risks involved with the trip you’re taking. It’s also crucial to factor in any special travel requirements you have.

Selecting an insurance policy that is suited to your traveller profile is the best way of ensuring that you get the right level of coverage at the best price.

To help you find out which Travelex policy is right for you, I’ve set out the best Travelex travel insurance policies by trip type in May 2024:


Official Link

Travelex Basic, ideal for short-term international vacations.

Activate Policy

Travelex America: ideal for domestic trips within the U.S. of up to 14 days.

Activate Policy

Travelex Select, ideal for long-term international family, business, or adventure travel.

Activate Policy

How does Travelex Insurance work?

Of course, no Travelex travel insurance review would be complete without an explanation of how it all works. So, let’s take a look!

Before setting off on a trip, whether it be domestic or international, it’s crucial to remember that taking out insurance provides you with a financial safeguard.

In other words, if something goes wrong on your trip, you can make a claim and receive compensation. Not only that, but it also gives you peace of mind while you’re travelling.

If you end up needing emergency medical treatment, cancellation cover, or cover for lost or stolen belongings while abroad, contact your insurer as soon as possible to initiate the claims process, so you can receive compensation.

In the following section, I’ll briefly outline the procedure for making a claim with Travelex, so you can be prepared for any unfortunate circumstances that may arise on your travels.

Making a claim with Travelex Insurance

Travelex’s process for filing claims is the same, regardless of which plan you have purchased.

If you suffer from an unforeseen incident on your trip and need to make a claim, click on “Claims” under the “Customer Service” tab on the official Travelex website. Select your insurance plan and enter your product plan number to start the claims process.

Answer the questions in as much detail as possible, and don’t forget to keep all supporting documents relating to your claim to ensure a higher chance of a successful claim.

How to use the Travelex App

Travelex gives you access to all things related to your policy at the touch of a button thanks to the Travelex Travel On app!

The Travelex app is available under all Travelex policies, and provides 24/7 emergency assistance in case you run into trouble abroad, as well as expert travel advice.

Simply download the Travelex Travel On app from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start managing your policy!

Travelex Travel On app

What are the benefits of Travelex Insurance?

As seen evidenced by the various Travelex Insurance reviews, the company is quickly emerging as one of the top American travel insurance companies, and in this section, I will outline exactly why that is.

The three main features that set Travelex apart are their broad cancellation and interruption cover, 24/7 assistance service, and the ability to customise your policy to meet your needs.

Travelex’s policies offer more trip cancellation and interruption cover than most insurers on the market. If you can’t travel or cut your trip short for an unforeseen reason, Travelex will cover your prepaid expenses.

Having 24/7 global emergency assistance is a huge advantage while traveling. Whether you’re in a foreign country, or taking part in risky activities here in the U.S., knowing that you can contact a Travelex representative at any time is a great relief.

Another benefit of Travelex is that you can customise your policy according to your needs and type of trip, including the level of coverage required. Specifically, you can supplement your policy with the following add-ons:

  • 🚫 Cancel for any reason.
  • 🚑 Additional medical coverage.
  • 🏄‍♂️ Adventure sports coverage.
  • 🚨 Flight accidental death & dismemberment.
  • 🚘 Car rental collision coverage.

Travelex Insurance advantages

To make things a little easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best advantages that Travelex insurance has to offer:

  • 📞 24/7 global emergency assistance with all policies.
  • 🌎 Foreign and domestic insurance available (U.S.).
  • 📝 Flexible policies.
  • 🧸 Kids under 17 covered (Travelex Select).
  • 🚫 Broad coverage for trip cancellation and interruption.

Travelex Insurance disadvantages

Clearly, no Travelex Travel Insurance review would be complete without looking at its disadvantages.

Just so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into, I’ve also set out a list of some of Travelex’s drawbacks:

  • 🩸 Limited coverage for pre-existing medical conditions.
  • 🎂 Age limits.
  • 💸 Relatively expensive.

How to contract Travelex Insurance

The Travelex website is easy to navigate, and taking out a policy with Travelex is a straightforward process. To give you an idea of how to contract your policy online, I’ve set out each step below:

1️⃣ Click here to be redirected to the Travelex website.

2️⃣ Fill in your details, including destination, state of residence, and the cost of your trip.

Travelex Home Page

3️⃣ Choose your plan, and select an add-on if necessary.

Note that the quote shown below is just an example. Head on over to the official Travelex website to fill in your own quote!

Travelex Quote

4️⃣ Enter your personal and payment details.

Travelex Quote

5️⃣ That’s it! You now have your Travelex travel insurance.

How to reduce the cost of your trip

There are countless ways to make your travels cheaper.

Choosing insurance that is tailored to your needs is vital, but remember that flights and accommodation are crucial factors as well.

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years, they’ll help you save money on your travels, so you can focus on the travels ahead.

If you follow these tips, you might just find that by the end of your trip, you have enough money left over to extend your trip or even explore an extra destination on your route home!

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My opinion on other insurance companies

There are plenty of other reliable options on the market, so it’s important to compare policies before reaching a decision on which one to go for.

We have tried and tested all the best travel insurance policies and written comprehensive reviews of each of them which you’ll find throughout our blog.

heymondo logo
chapka travel insurance
iati travel insurance logo
Heymondo Insurance
Chapka Insurance
IATI Insurance
safetywing logo
world nomads logo
acs travel insurance logo
World Nomads

Frequently asked questions about Travelex Insurance

What are the means of payment for Travelex Insurance?

As mentioned earlier, the Travelex platform allows you to purchase policies they recommend directly through their website by card.

Travelex accept all of the major credit cards, such as American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

Why take out a travel insurance policy with Travelex?

Travelex is a leading U.S. travel insurance provider, offering flexible policies, practical benefits, and extensive cancellation coverage.

With Travelex, you’ll be insured for any medical emergencies, cancellations, interruptions, baggage delays, loss of belongings, and much more, allowing you to travel with peace of mind, whether domestically or abroad.

I should also mention Travelex’s 24/7 emergency phone line, which is available globally. This assistance phone line allows you to call Travelex at any time for support.

Remember, even if you have insurance, it’s vital that you check the U.S. Department of State travel advisory before you embark on your journey.

Who can take out Travelex insurance?

Travelex is a U.S. based insurance company, and its policies are only available to residents of the United States.

If you are not a U.S. resident, here’s a link to one of our many articles on travel insurance.

Is Travelex Insurance worth it?

Firstly, it’s important to remember that selecting the right insurance policy for your trip will always be dependent on your specific needs as a traveler. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all!

If you value the ability to customise your insurance policy, or if you feel more comfortable traveling with broad cancellation coverage, then Travelex is a great choice for you.

Travelex’s insurance policies are designed to provide you with a strong financial safeguard, so you can travel without fear of any potential worst-case-scenarios.

Their policies are not the cheapest on the market, but when it comes to travel insurance, I’ve always said that buying comprehensive insurance is the most important travel investment you can make.

With that said, Travelex is a reliable and reputable insurer whose customisable policies make them suitable for almost any traveller, and I hope this Travelex Insurance review has helped you reach a decision!

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