World Nomads Insurance review – How does it work?

World Nomads Insurance was a reliable and efficient option during my trip to South East Asia. Here's a review!

In February 2023, get World Nomads insurance for $120/month
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world nomads insurance review

To save you time, I’ll explain the best insurances quickly:

There are many options on the market, and it can seem complicated to find the travel insurance policy that best suits your profile.

And let’s face it, this topic is boring and even exhausting. But it remains fundamental.

What is World Nomads?

World Nomads is an Australian-based travel insurance company. It was founded in 2002 by Simon Monk, together with a group of passionate travellers.

Their concept: to offer travel insurance made by travellers, for travellers, that considers their real needs. Today, they are present in nearly 150 countries.

World Nomads offers medical and repatriation cover, as well as 24-hour emergency assistance. It also offers full coverage for sports and adventure activities.

Before subscribing to World Nomads, I had spoken to friends who were already using it, and I was very convinced by their reviews.

Today, after having taken out their travel insurance, I can say that World Nomads is a great insurance option for backpackers and nomadic travellers.

Pros & Cons of World Nomads

We like:

  • The rates for the Standard and Explorer plans are among the most competitive in the travel insurance market.
  • Their coverage allows you to be insured for many extreme sports and adventure activities (see details below).
  • World Nomads allows you to extend your subscription online as you travel.

We like less:

  • World Nomads does not cover people over the age of 70.
  • The Explorer Plan only covers up to $3000. This may not be enough if you are travelling with equipment such as a laptop, GoPro, drone, etc.

World Nomads Insurance rates

I wish I could give you a fixed price, but it’s practically impossible. In my case, Renato and I paid different prices for the same trip!

So, you might ask, “But why?” Well, because Renato is Brazilian, and I’m French, we paid slightly different rates.

For each trip and nationality, the prices vary. Your rate may also depend on the length of your trip, and the activities you plan to do.

But to give you an idea, we paid between €105 and €120 per month.

World Nomads and promo codes

In February 2023, get World Nomads insurance for $120/month
Click here: Activate Promo Offer

  1. You will be redirected to the official World Nomads website.
  2. Click on “Sign me up”.
  3. Fill in the form and follow the instructions by clicking on “Next”.
  4. That’s it! You will receive your travel insurance at the end of the registration process.

We all love coupons and promo codes. Unfortunately, however, there are currently no discount codes for World Nomads travel insurance.

Despite my research and repeated requests, coupon codes are not part of their sales policy.

World Nomads Explorer or Standard Insurance

World Nomads Insurance offers two types of plans with different levels of coverage. We have done a simulation to compare the Standard plan with the World Nomads Explorer plan.

This example is for:

A French citizen, 21 years old, for 30 days, in South East Asia: Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.


Standard plan

Explorer Plan

Medical and hospital expenses for travel abroad

$100 000

$100 000

Additional medical and hospital costs

$500 000

$900 000

Dental costs

$10 000

$10 000

Medical, hospital and dental expenses – Extension of sports coverage

$600 000

$1 000 000

Medical, hospital and dental expenses – Extension of coverage for pregnant women

$100 000

$100 000

Pharmaceutical expenses per accident or illness

$2 000

$2 000

Physiotherapy due to accident or illness

$2 000

Travel cancellation

$10 000

$20 000

Trip interruption due to death, accident, or illness

$8 000

$12 000

Medical transfer

$100 000

$100 000

Sanitary return

$100 000

$100 000




As you can see, the difference in price between the two plans is minimal. Furthermore, to check all the possible options for your coverage:

If you are travelling with equipment of up to €3000, the Explorer Plan is the most suitable.

This plan covers luggage and personal effects of up to €3000. If you’re travelling with a laptop, camera, drone, etc., the Explorer Plan is definitely worth your while!

Best alternative to World Nomads

Is World Nomads a good travel insurance? Yes, it is.

However, I wouldn’t necessarily say that World Nomads is the best travel insurance for all types of travellers.

Obviously, there are many options. There are cheaper travel insurance options other than World Nomads, such as SafetyWing, but the cover in the event of a claim is a little more limited.


SafetyWing is a great option if you travel frequently and are looking for comprehensive insurance for you and your equipment.

In February 2023, get SafetyWing nomad insurance for $42/month
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  1. You will be redirected to the official SafetyWing website.
  2. Click on “Sign me up”.
  3. Fill in the form and follow the instructions by clicking on “Next”.
  4. That’s it! You will receive your travel insurance at the end of the registration process.

For the past year, we’ve been using SafetyWing to insure our work equipment (drones, cameras, laptops, etc.). This is because World Nomads plans only cover €2,500 of such equipment.

In fact, if you’re travelling with over €2,500 worth of equipment, you should take a good look at the coverage offered by SafetyWing.

Official website:

Is travel insurance useful?

As we all know, travelling over long periods means saving money whenever we can.

This includes finding cheap flights and hotels, and free activities to do… it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s affordable! Travelling in backpacker-mode is an unforgettable experience. The more borders you cross, the better.

However, there are certain things that cannot be overlooked, and saving money has its practical limits.

Ultimately, risking your health and safety is not the way to go. The most important thing to preserve while travelling is your wellbeing! In fact, every year, almost one in three travellers are forced to make an insurance claim during their trip abroad…

Why choose World Nomads insurance?

Many travellers we’ve met on our travels, and even nomadic travellers within our Planet Nomad community, use this travel insurance.

There are three main reasons:

1. Trusted insurers

World Nomads relies on a range of secure and specialised travel insurers who provide great coverage and 24-hour emergency assistance. They have prompted some of our best reviews, and when problems have arisen, they’ve helped us resolve them.

2. Value for money with the coverage you need

Diving, skiing, surfing, and motorcycling… World Nomads Insurance covers a variety of adventure activities, so you can make the most out of your trip. By focusing on what you need and putting aside what you don’t, World Nomads have maintained their competitive rates.

3. Safe and flexible travel

All members have access to safety alerts and online travel advice via the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub. If you decide to change your plans, you can extend your cover online, even if you’re already travelling.

Let’s say you like both the coverage, and the price offered by one of the World Nomads plans: How do you sign up?

It’s easy.

Firstly, when you have your personalised quote, simply fill in the following:

  • your nationality;
  • your age;
  • the country or countries you will visit;
  • the duration of your trip
    choose your package (Standard or Explorer);
  • Enter your name and e-mail address, full address,
    your date of birth, and your telephone number.

Please keep in mind! Your phone numbers and e-mail are essential. They must be kept up to date. For payment, it’s possible to pay with the following cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

What World Nomads travel insurance includes

Death and accident insurance

If the worst happens, your World Nomads plan pays a lump sum to your beneficiary. Policies also pay out if you lose a leg, hand, etc.

Nonmedical emergency evacuation

World Nomads provides transport cover for civil or political unrest in the country you are visiting. This also applies to natural disasters, or if you are expelled from a country.

Cancellation, interruption, or delay of travel

Trip cancellation insurance reimburses you if your tour operator cancels your trip, or if you have to cancel the trip because you or a family member becomes ill or dies.

Travel delay coverage covers your expenses if your trip is delayed, or if your flight is cancelled due to bad weather.

Emergency dental care

World Nomads covers emergency dental treatment for accidental injuries that occur while travelling.

This includes problems such as unexpected infections, a broken tooth, etc. This does not include any optional dental treatment such as examinations or cleaning (or treatments that can wait until you return).

Lost and stolen items

This coverage reimburses you for lost or stolen luggage/belongings during your trip.

Please refer to the coverage information on the official World Nomads website.

Activities covered

World Nomads covers over 120 extreme sports and activities. However, not all activities are covered, depending on the plan you choose.

See the activities covered

My experience with World Nomads Insurance

When you subscribe to World Nomads, their system helps you select the right policy suited to your travel plans.

The questions must be answered truthfully.

For example, if you plan to go scuba diving, don’t say it’s just a cultural holiday because if something happens to you while diving, and you have to go to hospital, no insurance in the world will cover you.

If your plans change during your trip, you can always call them and update your policy.

I’ve only used World Nomads’ services once. I went online, got the call centre number, and called the World Nomads hotline.

They evaluated my symptoms and gave me an appointment to see a doctor at one of the best hospitals in the city I was in. The process was efficient, and they found me an appointment immediately.

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