Best Working Holiday Insurance in 2024: Prices & Coverage

Find out which is the best Working Holiday insurance based on your travel profile in this comparative guide!
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All types of stays
All types of stays
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Seguro de viaje Working Holiday y Work and Travel

Working Holiday visas are issued by countries around the world to allow adventure seekers from around the world to live and work in their countries.

To obtain one, you need to meet a number of requirements, the most important of which is to contract Working Holiday insurance.

If you’ve already decided to embark on a gap year, you’ve come to the right place! Today I will cover all the best policies and, of course, the policies that best suit your particular traveller profile.

We’ll also cover the top working holiday travel insurance discounts available in June 2024, as well as our most effective money-saving travel tips!

Comparison of the best Working Holiday insurance policies

Before we dive into each insurance policy in depth, here is a comparison table with the most critical and necessary features that a working holiday policy should have. Take note!

chapka travel insurance

Chapka, the best Working Holiday insurance in 2024

Chapka’s Cap Working Holiday policy stands out from the rest for its flexibility. If you don’t know how long you’ll be away for, you can change the dates free of charge to suit your ever-changing plans abroad!

It also offers worldwide coverage, and has a number of features that make it the perfect policy for young travellers. Check them out here!

  • 🚑 Medical and hospitalisation expenses are unlimited and without deductibles.
  • 🏥 It includes the travel of a companion to the destination if you are hospitalised.
  • ✈️ It has 24-hour assistance and repatriation services, as well as medical teleconsultations.
  • 🛂 It offers coverage for management expenses due to loss or theft of documentation.
  • 🏛 It has rental liability coverage and legal advice.
heymondo logo

Heymondo, the best long stay Working Holiday insurance

Heymondo also offers a policy that adapts perfectly to the conditions of working holiday visas with its Long Stay policy. It allows you to renew the policy as and when you want, as well as pay by instalments.

It is the perfect working abroad travel insurance policy for long-term working holiday trips thanks to its broad and adaptable coverage.

Here are its distinguishing features:

  • 💻 Offers protection against the loss of electronic equipment in addition to the usual baggage cover.
  • 🚃 Includes partial reimbursement for changes or loss of services.
  • 🚨 It has an additional personal accident insurance.
  • 🚑 It has extensive coverage for various medical expenses, including dental expenses.
iati travel insurance logo

IATI, the best Working Holiday insurance for adventurers

The best insurance policy that IATI offers its users is the IATI Star policy. This is the perfect policy for adventurers — because remember, it’s not all about work!

It is designed for travel to countries that have the highest medical costs, such as Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and the U.S.A.

Learn more about some of its most important guarantees here:

  • 🚑 It has extensive coverage for medical expenses, including chronic, congenital or pre-existing illnesses.
  • 🧳 Broad coverage for theft or loss of luggage.
  • ✈️ It includes early return in the event of hospitalisation or death of a family member, loss of home or premises, or border closure.
  • 🏄‍♂️ Includes a wide range of adventure sports, as well as refunds for delays to your trip.
world nomads logo

World Nomads, the best Working Holiday insurance for digital nomads

In the case of World Nomads, it is no wonder that it’s the best choice for digital nomads! In fact, it has positioned itself as a go-to for remote workers who are looking for the best insurance for their time abroad.

Specifically, its Explorer Plan stands out for offering a series of features that fit perfectly with this profile of traveller. Here are its main benefits — keep reading!

  • 💻 It offers coverage for all the electronic equipment you take with you to work.
  • 🏄‍♂️ It includes protection for adventure activities and sports, as well as medical evacuation expenses.
  • ⚠️ Reimbursement in the event of trip cancellation.
  • 🚨 It has coverage for travel accidents and pre-existing illnesses, as well as their treatment in the hospital.
safetywing logo

SafetyWing, the best Working Holiday insurance for solo travellers

In the case of SafetyWing, its Nomad Insurance policy is the best option suited to working holiday visas. This is thanks to its great medical coverage and its overall protection for the traveller.

In fact, their insurance stands out from the rest by offering a number of features that are perfect for solo travellers. Here they are!

  • 🏛 It includes personal liability and emergency evacuation for a broad range of causes.
  • ⚠️ Offers reimbursement for trip interruption.
  • 🚑 It has extensive coverage for medical expenses, as well as intensive care and emergency situations.
  • ✈️ It has repatriation in case of natural disaster and other causes.
Australia digital nomad visa

How Working Holiday travel insurance works

The way this type of insurance works is very similar to any other type of insurance, although it varies from one company to another.

That is, if something happens to you while abroad, any incident at your destination should be communicated to the insurer by phone, email, or through their app, if applicable.

Then, the team of professionals will assist you and redirect you to the medical centre, if necessary. It’s that easy! In some cases, you will have to pay the money upfront and request reimbursement at a later date.

These insurance policies are also characterised by their flexibility and renewability. This means that you can extend your policy if your plans change — you’ll be surprised how common this is, and it’s largely due to the people you meet along the way!

When can you take out Working Holiday insurance?

Working abroad travel insurance should be taken out before you apply for a Working Holiday visa, as it is a prerequisite for it to be granted.

For this reason, it is ideal to opt for a policy with flexible terms, so you can adapt the insurance to your trip.

In addition, as we mentioned in the previous section, it is important to renew the policy according to your needs.

What is covered by Working Holiday travel insurance?

Any working holiday policy should include all the necessary coverage that is stated in the visa requirements of the country you’re applying to, so remember to check this via an official source!

For this reason, it is essential that the policy you choose includes the following benefits:

  • 🚑 Extensive coverage for medical and hospitalisation expenses, including pre-existing medical conditions and COVID-19.
  • 🌎 Valid worldwide.
  • 🧳 Baggage protection, particularly electronic equipment.
  • 🏛 Liability coverage and legal advice abroad.
  • ✈️ 24-hour repatriation assistance.
  • 🚨 Accident compensation for personal injury.

How much does Working Holiday travel insurance cost?

The price of your insurance policy will depend on the insurance company, and your personal details.

However, you should know that the price range is generally anywhere from €35 to €80 per person per month.

How to take out Working Holiday travel insurance

  1. Activate Discount
  2. Fill in your travel information (dates, country of residence, and destination(s)) and click on “Get a Quote.”
  3. Fill in your personal and payment details.
  4. All done! The discount will be applied automatically.
Best Working Holiday Insurance in 2024: Prices & Coverage 1

My tricks to save on Working Holiday trips

Living and working abroad is a unique experience, but, I’m not going to lie to you, it is also expensive. And I’m sure you’re wondering, how do you do it? Well, I have my tricks!

After years of travelling and trying different tools and platforms, I have managed to gather a series of little hacks and tricks to save on each and every one of my trips.

They take a little time and effort, but I assure you, it’s more than worth it!

✈️ How to find cheap flights

To find the cheapest flights, I always use VPNs! The ability to change the location of your device on different servers around the world gives you a great advantage: a wider variety of prices!

In June 2024, get an immediate 70% discount on AtlasVPN
Click here to Activate Promo Code

Once you’ve got your VPN, head over to Skyscanner to find flights at reduced prices!

🏡 How to find cheap accommodation

To take advantage of cheaper accommodation around the world, you can’t forget Booking. The largest accommodation platform offers great discounts thanks to its Genius loyalty program. Find out more by following the link!

Access now and get discounts of up to 15% in June 2024 by becoming a Genius user.

There are also ways to save money when booking your accommodation with Booking. The first of which is becoming a Genius user, something you get from making 2 bookings (Genius level 1), and 5 bookings (Genius level 2).

As a Genius user in, you can enjoy:

  • Discounts on room rates.
  • Free breakfast.
  • Upgrades to superior room categories.
  • Free parking.
  • Late check-out.
  • Welcome gifts.

In addition, there are hotels in that directly offer you a 10 to 15% discount on your rate for being a Genius user.

Access to get discounts of up to 15% by becoming a Genius user.

Finally, has a Minimum Price Guarantee program, so if you find a cheaper price for your hotel on any other website, they’ll match it!

🤿 How to save when booking activities

GetYourGuide is my greatest ally when I want to book activities at a destination thanks to its discounts. In fact, it has a wide variety of options in cities all over the world. You won’t regret trying it!

GetYourGuide is an indispensable tool for organising any trip to any destination. It’s a platform that helps you book tourism and leisure activities for your trip.

With GetYourGuide, you can book your activities online to avoid queues, and take advantage of a discount for online bookings. This way, you save time and money, so you can enjoy more activities during your trip!

💳 The best bank card for Working Holidays

Finally, my trusted bank card cannot be overlooked. I contracted the following card because of its many benefits and its operation in a wide variety of countries around the world. Plus, I said goodbye to the dreaded commissions!

If you travel frequently, the Revolut Metal Card is another great way to save money. For starters, they offer you unlimited currency exchanges without paying any fees!

This Card allows you to make unlimited domestic transfers free of charge, and withdraw up to £800 a month from international ATMs.

If you spent £650 abroad in a month using a standard card, and withdrew £350 at ATMs, you would have paid around £44 in fees.

With the Revolut Metal card, you would have paid £0 in fees.

Working Holiday travel insurance reviews

Online reviews are an important aspect to take into account, studies show that they influence our decision-making. Therefore, a brief compilation of the main reviews about this type of insurance could not be missing for this post!

Positive opinions of working abroad travel insurance:

  • Flexible when it comes to contracting and renewal.
  • Coverage all over the world.
  • Options adapted to each type of traveller, and it has a great quality-price ratio.

Negative opinions of working abroad travel insurance:

  • Prices are in the mid-high range compared to other insurance policies.
  • In some cases, you have to pay a deductible.

Where should I go for my Working Holiday?

If you’re a British passport holder dreaming of setting off on a working holiday during your gap year, you have plenty of exciting destinations to choose from.

The UK Government has entered into a number of bilateral agreements that allow UK citizens to live and work abroad legally.

These include: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The visas set out below are the most popular destinations for young Brits. For more information, follow the official Government links below:

Is it worth taking out Working Holiday insurance?

Taking out travel insurance for your working holiday is not only worth it, but it is necessary if you want to obtain your Visa! What I would like to recommend to you here is that you take a look at visas for digital nomads, in case this type of visa might fit you better.

Returning to the topic at hand, a working holiday experience is a great opportunity, but the requirements must be strictly met to obtain the visa.

Travelling insured means travelling with extra peace of mind, not only for you, but for your pocket. Remember that medical expenses in many countries can involve exorbitant amounts that can really break the bank if you do not have insurance.

Finally, it is important to know that, in the event of any incident, remember to recover all supporting documents so that you can ensure a successful claim and receive compensation.

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