Oasis Insurance Reviews: benefits and policies in 2024

Today, I'll summarise Oasis Insurance reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot. I’ll also cover Oasis' policies, and their most useful benefits.

Here’s a brief overview of the policies offered by Oasis Insurance:

Single Trip: for one-off trips and holidays.

Backpacker: for long-term trips with multiple destinations.

Annual Multi-Trip: covers all trips taken in a year.

Oasis Insurance review

One of the best ways to ensure you’re opting for the right insurance provider is to browse through online reviews. To save you some time, I’ve created this guide to the online Oasis travel insurance reviews.

Oasis is a UK-based travel insurance company that offers flexible policies, competitive prices, and various policy add-ons.

Today I’ll take you through both positive and negative online reviews, as well as some more general information about Oasis Insurance’s policies, including its most useful benefits.

Oasis travel insurance reviews

Find below a synopsis of over a thousand online Oasis travel insurance reviews. By reading both positive and negative reviews, I hope you can reach a decision on whether Oasis is the right option for your next trip.

To give you a quick idea of the experiences people have had with Oasis Insurance, I’ve summarised their online reviews in May 2024:

  • Oasis has an average rating of 4.7/5 on TrustPilot. The vast majority of Oasis insurance reviews are on this platform.

My Oasis travel insurance review

Approximately one in three travellers end up having to use their policy to make a claim at some point. The tricky thing is that you never really know when something is going to go wrong, so you should always protect yourself by taking out broad coverage.

While in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, I started to feel my eye swelling up. Over the following 24 hours I started to feel that the air pollution in the city was making it worse, and I soon realised that I had a nasty eye infection. Luckily, I had taken out Oasis Insurance.

When I arrived at the hospital, the medical staff checked my insurance policy and confirmed that it was valid before I went for a consultation. Ultimately, the doctor told me that there was no way I could be treated there, and that I needed to be repatriated.

I contacted Oasis through their 24/7 medical emergency phone line, who talked me through the process, including the documents that I would need for the reimbursement of the repatriation costs. I found Oasis’ services to be efficient and professional.

This was an incredibly stressful situation, and not an uncommon one. I am extremely glad that I took the precaution of taking out insurance, as without it, my trip to Vietnam could have become an absolute nightmare.

Here’s a brief overview of the policies offered by Oasis Insurance:

Single Trip: for one-off trips and holidays.

Backpacker: for long-term trips with multiple destinations.

Annual Multi-Trip: covers all trips taken in a year.

Oasis Insurance Reviews: benefits and policies in 2024 1

Oasis Insurance reviews on TrustPilot

TrustPilot is one of the world’s leading online review platforms that allows customers to share their experiences using businesses from around the world.

Trustpilot receives almost 1 million new reviews each month, and in the case of Oasis Insurance, there are 1526 total reviews at the time of writing this post. Their Trust rating of 4.7 is quite high indeed for travel insurance companies!

✅ Positive Oasis Insurance reviews on TrustPilot

  • The most common review for Oasis concerned their website. Many users commented that the website was easy to navigate, with all the relevant information clear to see.
  • Many users commented on the competitive prices offered by Oasis, with some even saying that Oasis’ annual travel insurance policy was the best value-for-money policy of that type that they could find on the market.
  • From reading the reviews, it appears that many people who have used Oasis’ services were pleased with the help they received from Oasis staff members, including on the phone assistance platform.
  • There were even a few users who said that their premium with Oasis was reduced, which is testament to the fact that Oasis values the loyalty of their customers.
  • Many people expressed their satisfaction with the flexibility of Oasis’ policies, with plenty of options and add-ons you can use to customise your policy to your exact requirements.
Oasis insurance review Trustpilot
Oasis insurance review Trustpilot 2

❌ Negative Oasis Insurance reviews on TrustPilot

  • There were many reviews where people expressed their dissatisfaction with the slow response times they experienced while trying to process their claims, whether by email or by phone.
  • Several accounts of Oasis asking for supporting and evidence documents that had already been provided.
  • Most negative comments were directed at the bureaucracy of the claims’ process, most of which referred to the third-party companies who handle the claims for Oasis.
  • There were even a few comments complaining about the long wait times while on call with the medical emergency line. One person recalls being put on hold for 1.5 hours.
Oasis insurance review Trustpilot 3
Oasis insurance reviews trustpilot

Clearly, contracting the insurance is straightforward and intuitive, with ample opportunity to adapt policies to your needs.

However, I was unable to find many positive reviews about the claims process itself. I should mention, though, that this is common when it comes to travel insurance reviews.

One thing that became apparent from browsing through the Oasis Insurance reviews was that during the tourism high-seasons, their claims’ department receives a very high volume of claims, leading to slow response times.

Oasis Insurance reviews on Facebook

There aren’t many reviews available on Facebook for Oasis Insurance, but there are a few notable comments to highlight:

✅ Positive Oasis Insurance reviews on Facebook

  • Most Oasis Insurance reviews on Facebook reported an overall good experience.
  • Similar to the comments on TrustPilot, several users commented on the ease of the application process.

❌ Negative Oasis Insurance reviews on Facebook

  • The only negative Oasis Insurance reviews I found on Facebook concerned the long response times when making a claim.

Oasis limits who can comment on their Facebook posts, which may have affected the number of critical reviews that were shown.

Which Oasis insurance policy is right for me?

In this section, I’d like to shift the focus to traveller profiles, that is, which Oasis travel insurance policies are best suited to different profiles.

Before you settle on a policy, it’s a good idea to check the available options, so you can be sure that you’ve selected the most suitable insurance policy for your trip.

After lots of research comparing guarantees and prices, these are the best Oasis policies for each traveller profile in May 2024:



Single Trip, the ideal policy if you’re going on holiday for less than three months.

Activate Policy

Backpacker Insurance, if you’re travelling for over 3 months and to multiple destinations, Backpacker insurance is for you.

Activate Policy

Annual Multi-trip, this policy covers all the short-term trips you take in a year, perfect for frequent travellers!

Activate Policy

Note that for Oasis’ Annual Multi-Trip packages Emerald, Ruby, and Diamond, the maximum trip duration varies for each one. These are: 31 days, 45 days, and 62 days respectively.

How Oasis Insurance works

Of course, no one ever wants to have to use their policy to make a claim, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you need emergency medical treatment, cancellation cover, or cover for lost or stolen belongings while abroad, insurance can reimburse you.

Before you leave home, read your Oasis policy’s terms and conditions carefully, so you know exactly what’s covered, and you’ll know what to do in case you need to make a claim. Remember to declare any underlying medical conditions at the time of contracting.

If something does go wrong on your trip, you’ll need to contact Oasis’ claims department. The most important thing to remember is that Oasis has three phone numbers depending on where you’re calling from:

  • 📞 🌍 🌏 The world, excluding North America
  • 📞 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 The US and Canada
  • 📞 🇲🇽 Mexico

It’s absolutely imperative that you keep all supporting documents relating to your incident. Without these, your claim may not be accepted.

Oasis’ official waiting time for a response to a claim is 21 days, but this can become significantly longer if you do not provide all the relevant supporting documents.

What are the benefits of Oasis Insurance?

The stand-out features of Oasis are their competitive prices, flexible policies, and quick and easy application process.

Oasis offers several add-ons, which I will mention below, that allow you to tailor your policy according to the needs of your trip. This comes in handy if you are travelling for a specific purpose, such as a wedding, winter sports, or going on a cruise.

With the enhanced gadget cover add-on, your electronic equipment coverage increases to £3,000, making it a great choice for digital nomads travelling with their work equipment.

Furthermore, Oasis’ “Business Travel” add-on covers loss or damage to your work equipment or business money.

If you choose the excess waiver add-on, you won’t have to pay any excess on your claim. There is even a rental vehicle excess waiver, which covers the excess or deposit amount shown in your rental policy, in case your rental vehicle is accidentally damaged.

✅ Advantages of Oasis Insurance

  • ⛷ Plenty of options when it comes to add-ons, including winter sports, cruise cover, enhanced gadget cover, excess waiver, sports & activities, wedding cover, and gold cover.
  • 💻 Ease of contracting.
  • 📝 Flexibility of policies.
  • 📞 24/7 emergency assistance service phone line.
  • 💸 Oasis stands out for its low prices compared with other comparable insurance providers.
  • 🦠 Covid-19 cover.
Oasis insurance

How to contract Oasis Insurance

As we learned from the various positive reviews of Oasis Insurance, their website is straightforward, with a quick and easy process for contracting their insurance.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to contracting Oasis Insurance:

1️⃣ Go to the Oasis Insurance website and select the type of insurance you want: (Single Trip, Annual Multi-trip, Backpacker).

2️⃣ Fill in your trip details: destination(s), travel dates, traveller details, medical declarations (important).

Oasis insurance quote
Oasis insurance quote

3️⃣ Choose your plan, from least to most coverage: Emerald, Ruby, Diamond.

Note that the figures shown below are just examples!

Oasis Insurance quote

4️⃣ Choose additional cover: Winter sports, Cruise, Enhanced gadget cover (good for digital nomads), plus more.

5️⃣ Enter your payment details.

6️⃣ That’s it! You now have your Oasis Insurance package, and you’re ready to embark on your next adventure.

How to reduce the cost of your trip

One thing that all travellers have in common is the desire to save money while travelling. More often than not, to be able to continue travelling!

There are countless ways to make your travels cheaper. Choosing insurance that is tailored to your needs is vital, but remember that flights and accommodation are crucial factors as well.

Here are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years, they’ll help you save money on your travels, so you can focus on the things you enjoy about travelling.

If you follow these tips, you might just find that by the end of your trip, you have enough money left over to explore an extra destination on your route home!

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My opinion on other insurance companies

If you want to know more about some of the other travel insurance providers out there before you make a decision, we’re here to help!

We have tried and tested all the best travel insurance policies and written comprehensive reviews of each of them.

You can also make use of our travel insurance comparison article to find the policy that best suits the trip you’re taking.

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Heymondo Insurance
Chapka Insurance
IATI Insurance
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World Nomads

Frequently asked questions about Oasis Insurance

Am I covered against Covid-19?

Oasis’ standard policies offer some coverage against trips disrupted by a positive Covid-19 test, but this coverage is not comprehensive. Oasis offers an additional “Enhanced Covid-19 Cover” add-on for those who want extra protection.

This add-on covers you in case you travel against a FCDO recommendation, for example.

What do I do if my airline cancels my flight?

If your flight or scheduled tour is cancelled, for example, Oasis advises you to first contact your airline or tour operator to seek recourse.

If you are unsuccessful, make sure you keep all supporting documents that you may need for a claim and contact Oasis to see if your policy covers the cancellation.

What are the means of payment for Oasis Insurance?

Oasis receives payment by card. Once you have arrived at the payment stage, you will be given the option of paying with either Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro.

Why take out a policy with Oasis Insurance?

Oasis is one of the leading UK travel insurance providers, offering broad and flexible coverage at relatively low prices.

Some of the most useful coverage provided by Oasis includes medical emergencies, cancellations, baggage delays, missed departures and delays, loss of belongings, and much more.

I should also mention Oasis’ 24/7 emergency phone line. Knowing that you can call Oasis and receive assistance at any time is a huge plus, especially when trying to navigate your way through a sticky situation in a foreign country.

Is taking out Oasis Insurance worth it?

Oasis stands out for the ease of contracting their policies, and its numerous add-ons, which are incredibly useful if you want to adapt your policy to the type of trip you’re taking.

The Oasis Insurance reviews that I’ve summarised in this post show a general satisfaction with Oasis, not to mention their 4.6 TrustPilot rating, which is very high for an insurance company.

As with many popular insurance companies, Oasis receives a lot of claims, especially during the high-seasons for travellers. It seems like this sometimes has a negative effect on the efficacy of their claims processes, so bear this in mind.

Ultimately, you’ll need to carefully consider what your needs are as a traveller to decide whether Oasis is right for you, and remember to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your policy!

So, with all the internet reviews and general information about Oasis Insurance covered, I hope you feel sufficiently informed to make a decision, and I wish you safe travels! ✈️

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