SafetyWing or WorldNomads – Which one is better ?

Being a digital nomad implies a lot of care, and one of the main ones is having travel insurance. That's why I made a comparison of the most searched and indicated insurances: SafetyWing and WorldNomads.
safetywing vs worldnomads

Things as they are: taking out travel insurance can become a real headache for any traveller.

Intelligible technicalities and endless clauses lead many travellers to take out policies that either don’t cover all their needs, or are full of cover they don’t need.

That’s why, if you’re looking for the best insurance for digital nomads and backpackers, we recommend putting yourself in the hands of insurers that offer plans specifically for travellers who spend most of their time abroad, such as SafetyWing and Worldnomads.

In the case of backpackers and digital nomads, choosing the right insurance that allows them to be completely calm in any emergency is not so easy.

What is SafetyWing?

SafetyWing is an insurer offering flexible and affordable international travel and health insurance for backpackers and digital nomads.

Policies specifically designed for long-term travellers who do not have a pre-defined travel plan and require travel and health insurance to cover them as they move around the world.

In September 2022, get SafetyWing nomad insurance for $42/month.
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  1. You are redirected to the SafetyWing official website.
  2. Then click on “Sign me up”.
  3. Fill in the form and follow the instructions by clicking on “Next”.
  4. That’s it! You will receive your travel insurance shortly.

Pros and cons of SafetyWing


  • Large number of covers for those who spend most of the year travelling;
  • It is possible to contract after the beginning of the trip;
  • Cheaper than most long-term travel insurance;
  • It offers medical cover in the country of origin;
  • Includes COVID-19 cover on all your travel insurance.


  • It does not cover people over the age of 70;
  • It does not offer coverage in North Korea, Cuba, and Iran;
  • Extreme sports such as skydiving and paragliding are not covered.

Official website:

What is Worldnomads?

Worldnomads is a travel insurance company founded by digital nomads that has been offering different types of travel policies since 2002.

Almost two decades in which it has grown from an emerging travel insurance company to become the company of choice for backpackers and digital nomads. In part, thanks to the amount of coverage it offers in each of its policies.

In September 2022, get World Nomads insurance for $120/month.
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  1. You are redirected to the World Nomads official website.
  2. Then click on “Sign me up”.
  3. Fill in the form and follow the instructions by clicking on “Next”.
  4. That’s it! You will receive your travel insurance at the end of the registration process.

Pros and cons of Worldnomads


  • It is possible to contract or extend once the trip has begun;
  • It offers cover for a wide range of sports and adventure activities;
  • It covers most volunteering experiences;
  • Includes COVID-19 cover on all your journeys and cancellation insurance.


  • It does not cover people over the age of 70;
  • It does not offer medical coverage in the country of origin.

Official website:

Safetywing or Worldnomads: comparison table

world nomads logosafetywing logo



Unexpected illness or injury abroad✅✅
Hospital, medical or dental expenses✅✅
Emergency transfer✅✅
Missed and delayed flights✅✅
Loss of checked baggage✅✅
Adventure activities✅✅
Coverage in the country of origin❌Every 90 days of coverage abroad offers 30 days of coverage in the country of origin (15 in the case of the United States)
Routine examinations and consultation❌❌
Preventive medicine❌❌
Pre-existing health problems❌❌
Insurance for remote company teams❌✅
Countries of coverageAllexcept North Korea, Cuba, and Iran
Equipment coverageMobile phones – Desktop computers -Laptops – Tablets -Cameras -Camera equipmentMobile phones – Desktop computers -Laptops – Tablets -Cameras -Camera equipment
Amount of the claim$100 per claim (excluding emergency medical evacuation and repatriation expenses)250 per policy
Purchase or extension of cover during the trip✅✅
Coverage in the United States✅✅ + additional value
Monthly priceAround $120 per month, depending on the planAbout $42 per month, depending on age
world nomads logo

safetywing logo

Safetywing user reviews

There’s nothing like taking a look at user reviews to get a real idea of how insurance works in Safetywing.

Almost all of his clients highlight the amount of cover he offers at an extremely fair price.

It is also common to find positive feedback on how quickly they respond to support requests, as well as the professionalism of the service team.

The three adjectives most often used to define the Safetywing service are: useful, fast and economical.

Worldnomads user reviews

You only have to look at user reviews of Worldnomads policies to understand why they are so successful.

One of the points they emphasize most is the quality of customer service, highlighting the speed with which they seek solutions in the event of an emergency.

Professional, fast and easy to use are the three adjectives that abound in customer reviews on the internet.

Safetywing VS Worldnomads: my personal experience

Having tried both Safetywing and Worldnomads for long-term travel, I have to say that with both insurances they have a different proposition.

However, I have had bad service coming from Worldnomads. On my last trip to Vietnam, I had to use their insurance services urgently, and they really almost let me down.

To sum up, even though it was an emergency case, it took more than 10 days to resolve. In addition, contact could only be made via email and phone. I believe that the minimum is to have an online channel like skype or WhatsApp.

That said, when asked my opinion on which is better, Safetywing or Worldnomads, I always answer the same: it depends.

Worldnomads has a larger and more comprehensive coverage, but has poor service. It might be a good choice for adventurous digital nomads.

SafetyWing is the best choice for those looking for better value for money or special insurance for remote working equipment. The only downside is that you have to pay a $250 deductible to use the policy, but for the amount you pay per month it’s not expensive. It’s a good cover in case of emergency.

How to take out travel insurance with Safetywing?

Taking out travel insurance with Safetywing is just as easy:

  • Visit the Safetywing website:
  • Have a look at the two types of insurance they offer: Nomad insurance and Remote Health;
  • Choose the one you are most interested in;
  • Click on ‘View price calculator’ to find out the total price of insurance;
  • Fill in your details to complete the purchase process;
  • Receive your policy in your email and start enjoying it.

How to take out Worldnomads travel insurance?

Taking out travel insurance with Worldnomads is as easy as:

  • Go to the WorldNomads website:
  • Go to the house panel to find out which insurance is best suited to your needs;
  • Click on “Get a quote”;
  • Check which of the two plans offered is the one you need: Standard Plan and Explorer Plan;
  • Click on “Purchase Plan”;
  • Fill in your details;
  • Receive your policy by email and start enjoying it.

Why take out travel insurance for digital nomads?

Any frequent traveller knows: no matter how hard you try to get everything under control, surprise events do happen.

No one, absolutely no one, is exempt from suffering flight delays or cancellations; from having to interrupt their journey for reasons beyond their control or from having their luggage lost, damaged or stolen.

This last issue is especially sensitive for those who need their work equipment to survive and pay for their travels around the world, as is the case for digital nomads.

Not to mention health-related mishaps, as even people in steely health are likely to need to be seen for medical or dental emergencies at some point.

It seems obvious, then, that if travel insurance is necessary for anyone leaving their comfort zone for a few days. Even more so for backpackers and digital nomads who spend much of the year on the move, often stuffed to the brim with valuable belongings.

Michaël Louis
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