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You are probably in charge of a tourist establishment, a travel agency, an organization or a brand in the LGBT sector. You have a good reason to access this page.

We are Michael & Renato, as a gay couple Instagram blog influencers, we build partnerships around the world, and participate in some press trips. We connect businesses in the tourism / nomadic sector with their LGBT public.


How it works?

For each invitation, we carry out a study to best meet your visibility needs. We also collaborate on different projects focused on results and quality of content. If you want to know the conditions of press trips and blogging, contact us.

We are always looking for unforgettable experiences. Through our travels and our eyes, we offer our readers stories of encounters and authentic moments of life. On the other hand, we prefer to warn you, our creativity has no limit.

Partnership with (15/05/2018)

4 reasons to imagine a story together

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Our commitment is sincere and our transparency is total with our community of travel junkies and digital nomads. In fact, we are only talking about products or services that we know.

To talk about a service or a product, we test it and use it beforehand. We will never talk about something we do not like.

Planet Nomad is not an advertising portal.

A loyal and committed audience

Our mother tongues are French and Portuguese, we also speak Spanish and English fluently. Planet Nomad is a multilingual platform offering content in French and Portuguese. All articles are written in these languages, as well as videos. Planet Nomad’s Instagram community is growing every day. More than 28,000 subscribers represent an active audience with a significant average engagement rate of 22% 🙂


Our audience: France, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Africa, Oceania, West Indies, Southeast Asia, Portugal.
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We are gay Influencers bloggers and travelers

We are passionate, organized and complementary storytellers. Through live blogging, we recount our experiences for each of our destinations, offering practical tips for traveling. For every content created, we try to have an honest and objective point of view keeping in mind what will be of interest to our audience, which is essentially made up of independent and cultured LGBT travelers, or digital nomads.

The Planet Nomad community is largely made up of LGBT fans who are passionate about travel, passionate about fashion and new technologies.

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Creators of experiential content

We produce 4K quality photographs and videos with professional equipment. Before each realization, we write a scenario that tells a story in which a brand or a product can be presented. We use the techniques of timelapse, onboard camera or underwater shooting. We also shoot with a drone filming in 4K. Our goal is to showcase the product or destination by inspiring our audience. During post-production, we calibrate the colors and the contrast for an impeccable rendering. In the end, we provide audio mixing with a choice of music and background sound.

Our Equipment: CANON 750D Camera + GoPro Karma Drone + GoPro Hero5 Black + MacBook Pro Underwater Camera (Adobe Première Pro CC, SpeedGrade, Adobe Suite)

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We are passionate about marketing & digital media

We are both graduates of a Master in marketing, we work for institutional and companies in the fields of webmarketing, webmedia and webdesign. According to the defined objectives, we put in place the most effective communication strategy and we accompany all along the process of development of digital campaigns. We also offer our digital transformation services.

Our strengths: Implementation of digital strategies, advertising campaigns on social networks, content creation, SEO, SEM, WordPress, etc.


We 💙 what we do

Tell a story, and make you want

On social networks, we share our adventures live with a community interested in our content, and engaged. The videos, photographs and articles offered are drawn from our daily experiences of our journey.


Travelers’ favorite social network selects our photographs for publication to 16 million subscribers. The latest was selected by « Viagem Turismo » the reference press trip to Brazil.

Distribution of the audience

The Planet Nomad Instagram community is already 28,000 followers who represent an active audience with an average rate of significant engagement of 22% 🙂

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[qodef_progress_bar title_tag= »h5″ title= »Others countries (USA, Italy, Spain) » percent= »46″ active_color= »#91d8f7″]

Want to know more about Renato & Michaël?

📥 Download the media kit

  • Key data
  • Geographic distribution of audiences
  • Demographic breakdown, etc.
blogueiros de viagem
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Content production

We create attractive experiential content such as videos, photographs, articles … And execute digital marketing strategies through specific actions: campaigns, webdesign and social networks. Our professional experience in digital marketing and our daily contact with the tourism sector, guarantee us an expert knowledge of the sector.


Being in direct contact with the tourist services develops each day a little more our capacity to solve the problems marketing of the sector. These trips bring us the knowledge of the positive and negative points of the various destinations and tourist services, but also their innovative aspects in the sector.


The Planet Nomad community, made up of LGBT people all addicted to travel, reflects in its plurality the intentions of travelers from all over the world. We have already stayed in 30 countries spread over 5 continents.

Video produced as part of the partnership with the Convention Bureau of Brazil

Influence marketing

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make a purchase after reading influencer content
[qodef_pie_chart type_of_central_text= »percent » title_tag= »h2″ percent= »52% » active_color= »#0d195e » title= »of people » margin_below_chart= »8″]
consult an influencer profile(s) on a daily basis
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get information from an influencer to decide better before buying
Because they constitute advisers of choice, the contents published by the influencers are not without effects on the people who read them.


In fact, 89% of French Internet users who follow an influencer declare having discovered a product or brand after having read one of their posts.


89% have already visited the brand website, 87% have already looked for more information about the product or the brand and 75% have already purchased the product or brand.
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Imagine a story together

We had the honor of meeting incredible people and making good partnerships with various tourism organizations and companies in the sector.

This time we were in Ilha Grande, Brazil, at the invitation of Cris from Pousada Casa Nova precisely on the beach of Bananal … We tell you the story of this partnership;)


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Our photograph of the incredible Cris Beach has been broadcast to more than 1/2 million followers.
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Partnership with a touristic establishment

The story of a photo seen by more than 560,000 followers

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Pousada Casa Nova,

Ilha Grande 🇧🇷 BRAZIL

« I am Cristina, the owner of the Casa Nova pousada in Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro.
I met Michaël and Renato thanks to a fellow student. I invited them to know my establishment and we collaborated to promote my establishment.
I was seduced by their kindness and their work, and we became partners.
Thank you for everything ! We look forward to your return. «

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We were captivated by the history of the Japanese community that immigrated to the region in the 1980s for fishing and sardine production. What used to be factories turned into charming pousadas with breathtaking views of Angra dos Reis Bay. The Pousada de Cris is located on the island of peace without any fault, the aptly named Ilha Grande, the big island.

For the promotion of this incredible destination, we took photographs, and one was posted on Instagram and received more than 7,300 likes and was seen by 1/2 million followers around the world. This photo was published by the Instagram account of the Brazilian travel and tourism magazine « Viagen e Turismo« , among its followers.

This massive exposure allowed Cris to significantly improve the visibility of his establishment. Also, she decided to launch a new invitation for the production of professional contents and in particular a video with aerial images filmed in drone. We will return there;)

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✉ At a « click » of the beginning of the adventure

If you think we have something to share or want to invite us to participate in a press trip. You can contact us via this form.
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📥 You can also download our media kit here

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So? How many ❤ for this photo?

A comunidade de Instagrammers Brasileiros e de língua portuguesa está sempre surpreendendo e temos cada vez mais momentos incríveis para compartilhar. Toda semana, postamos algumas das nossas fotos preferidas. Para participar, use a hashtag #achadosdasemana. Foto de @planetn0mad

Une publication partagée par Instagram Brasil (@instagrambrasil) le

Partnership with
Publication reposted by Instagram Brazil
16.5 million followers

We like, they trust us

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